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AiF Code of Conduct

AiF is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. As such, we have come up with guidelines as to being a good member and what is expected conduct.

1) We expect our members to behave responsibly, act maturely, and respect the rights and dignities of others.

2) Please do not approach any celebrity or industry speakers or guests with autograph signing material. Unless they have requested it from you, sharing your own content (i.e. scripts, videos, etc) is strictly forbidden. Use good judgement if requesting to speak to anyone who makes themselves available, and limit your contact so that others may take a turn.

3) We encourage members to take responsibility for their personal comfort and safety, but please report any inappropriate behavior to an AiF Staff Member.

4) Just be cool and don’t be a jerk.

In addition, AiF reserves the right to refuse or terminate the membership of any person who has behaved in an inappropriate fashion.